Hello, out there.

I’m Caroline Miller. I’m 45 years old. I graduated from high school at the ripe old age of 38, after becoming a teen mom hustled me into adulthood somewhat early. I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, which doesn’t define me, but which plays into other things I am, like a person who suffers from depression and anxiety – which also do not, exclusively, define who I am. I am childlike, irreverent, rebellious, skeptical, merciful, funny, kind, hard-working, grateful, hopeful, warm, engaging, well-organized and curious – among other qualities.about

I’m in love with my childhood sweetheart, Tim, with whom I reconnected, later in life. Tim is noble, dogmatic, and when he has purpose (which he seeks out), works harder and smarter than any person I’ve ever known. He is a trained classical violinist but also a self-taught fiddler and pianist, and I am spoiled with music.

I have a 28 year old son; brilliant, mercilessly logical, a man of conviction (although he has few), and a slacker.

I love reading and writing. I love thinking and expression on paper. Other people, who like reading (and possibly writing) seem to like my writing so, out into the wilds of the Internet we go.

Here’s to life. Thank you for traveling part of the way with me.